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Urban Dictionary Names Meaning Instagram Trend for a Boy & Girl Explained

Urban Dictionary Names Meaning Instagram Trend: Have you seen people using the Urban Dictionary to find the meanings of their names? Using the new “Add Yours” feature, Instagram users are being asked to “Show us your name in Urban Dictionary.” Friends have been sharing screenshots of the Urban Dictionary meanings of their names on Instagram in the previous few days. There are a lot  of individuals who are using Urban Dictionary to search up the meaning of their names and share the results on Instagram with the hashtag “Show us ur name in Urban Dictionary (sic).” The “Add Yours” sticker, which was released earlier this month, lets users add their own images to their tales about the trend.

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Urban Dictionary Names Meaning Trend: How to Find my Urban Dictionary Name Meaning?

  1. Visit the Urban Dictionary website.
  2. Type your first name in the search bar and hit enter.
  3. The definition of your name will be revealed to you.
  4. If you don’t like it, just scroll down till you come across a meaning that defines you.

Aaron Peckham founded the Urban Dictionary in 1999. The platform changed its public content guidelines and detailed content guidelines earlier this year in order to “clarify what’s permitted on Urban Dictionary.” The majority of the name meanings are positive and are shared on Instagram stories but if you find a derogatory connotation then you should take the search result as a joke.

Urban Dictionary Names for a Boy & Girl Viral trend Explained

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A quick search of “Game Of Throne” or “McDonald’s” yields user-submitted definitions that are more entertaining or hilarious than genuine definitions. Other terms contain NSFW language and have improper spelling or grammar. Anyone with an email address can contribute a definition, which is usually not the true meaning of phrases or words, but rather the user’s own experience.

The trend has also become popular on Twitter:

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