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Small Town Crime Ending Explained

Small Town Crime comes off blazing as a fun action-adventure. Also adding in a few comical elements here and there. While it tells a straightforward story, it is one fun hell of a ride to enjoy on the weekend. Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms wrote and directed the film.

Starring John Hawkes in the lead, the movie tells the story of a drunk ex-cop who stumbles upon a dead girl. Eventually, he is forced by his own gut feeling to get back into the game to hunt the person who is killing young prostitutes from the bar for some reason. But with adventure comes a few dangers, as well as. Because someone else is hunting him down too.

As we said, Small Town Crime is a straight forward fun watch with not much of a rocket science plot. Still, if you find yourself lost during the movie, here we are covering what went down exactly. Right from Mike the lead ex-cop played by John Hawke’s past, to the history of the dead girl, to the plot created by the young girls at the bar.

The one that urged the killer to send in his own enforcements to eventually end them. Let’s take a look at Small Town Crime’s ending piece by piece.

Small Town Crime Plot Summary

Small Town Crime follows opens up the chronicles of Mike Kendall. An ex-cop bumping from job to job only to keep his life together. While he manages to get some, his drinking problems cause a lot of ruckuses. Something he doesn’t want in his life.

The same drinking problem cost his job as a cop. Back in time, he lost his senior partner the same way when he couldn’t handle what was going on. In turn, losing the kidnapper as well as the girl who he kidnapped when Mike fired shots to retaliate.

Similarly, he finds himself drunk waking up in a field soon to find out he might have hit a girl. So until that comes true, he takes her to the hospital. Well, the cops still try to find out, Teddy thinks she is Mike’s Damsel in Distress.

So he tries to get back to her. An idea to give her phone and personal things back only to find out she is dead. But a call coming on her phone makes him realize someone was after her.Small Town Crime Plot

From Small Town Crime Featuring John Hawkes as Mike Kendall, Robert Forster as Steve Yandel, and Stefanie Scott as Ivy

After getting denials from his friends Kelly and Teddy, the cops on the case, and even Kristen’s own family, Mike sets on his own as PI. Only to be stopped by Detectives again. While everyone denies it, Kristen’s grandfather has different plans as he hires Mike under the alias PI Jack Winter. He tells him everything he needs to know about Kristen and her friends and the man driving 60’s Impala who runs this whole mess.

What carries on is Mike aka Jack Winter, carrying on his investigation hooking up with a hooker named Heide and eventually coming across a similar murder as Kristen’s. Soon, Mike takes the investigation to bar owner Randy to find out about this Impala man who goes by the name Mood. Soon he meets him as Mood comes attacking Mike at his house aided by none other than Heidi.

Turns out Mood isn’t the killer either. In fact, he is hunting down the killer himself thinking he is coming for him. He suspects the third girl missing named Ivy. The investigation goes on but two people make their presence felt as they hunting him and Ivy down too and probably would reach his family too. Unless something is done real quick.

Small Town Crime Ending Explained

So what went down here? Why are these two guys hunting the girls down? So, investigating for Ivy leads Mike to the bar owner Randy. Indeed he knows about Ivy’s location and has kept her safe. He takes Mike to hers, and Ivy and Randy decide to break the reason.

Turns out, the young girls of the bar get in a room with the rich ones to have fun. The twist here is they record them while they do their thing without letting them know. Once the session is done, they blackmail these rich dudes to extract money from them. Seems like one of those rich dudes didn’t like the idea much.The Small Town Crime Ending Moments Explained

From Small Town Crime Featuring John Hawkes as Mike Kendall

Neither did Mike. He decides to turn Randy and Ivy into the cops. Out there the two hired gunmen are taking shots at Mike’s loved ones. Soon their paths cross with Mike. What goes is an ultimate action car sequence leading Randy to die.

While Mike and Ivy make out, turns out the gunmen have Mike’s friend Teddy in their trunk. Mike decides to tell Kelly and takes shelter in Kristen’s grandfather, Mr. Yendell’s house.

Mike, Mr. Yendell, and Mood join forces together for the exchange. Mike doesn’t bring his exchange, though and everything goes out in an all-out gunfight. Luckily, Mike’s team survives while they take out the gunmen saving Teddy in the process as well.

The ending moments see the guys getting recovered. Plus, the cops finally hunting down the three rich men who hired them easily while one escapes. Mike opts to give a PI exam and reconciles with Teddy while Mood and Mr. Yendell hunt down the last rich men to close the movie.

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