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Hello, Readers! Netflix is passionate about the genre and aims to present us with the best and most interesting stuff imaginable. Tattoo Redo will premiere on Netflix in July, adding to the growing number of Reality TV episodes accessible on the platform.

Customers will be followed as they submit their awful, embarrassing, and unappealing body art to five of the industry’s most accomplished tattoo artists. After that, the artists will cover the previous tattoo with a brand-new design picked by a family member of the buyer.

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Ink Master executive produces the Tattoo Redo Series, an English-language American series. This series has a lot of drama and humor. The Netflix Studio is in charge of the series production.

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Tattoo Redo: Release Date

The six 25-minute episodes of the miniseries will launch on Netflix on July 28, 2021.

Tattoo Redo: Official Trailer

The trailer shows off some of the obnoxious tattoos that will be removed, including a tattoo penalty for losing a bet and an unknown remark in a foreign language that the customer can not understand.

Customers will walk into the tattoo shop oblivious to the fact that they will not be choosing a canopy for themselves, but rather will listen to their family members’ recommendations.

What is this about?

Five top tattoo artists have lent their talents to this new Netflix reality show. What are their responsibilities? They try their hardest to come up with unique designs and conceal unattractive tattoos. The show’s main attraction now arrives the clients, who have been brought in by relatives who are keen to get rid of them.

Tattoos are the focus of the entire series. People will learn how to manufacture tattoos and create stylish tattoos in this series. In this series, many tattoo artists compete to see who can create the most unique and stylish tattoos.

Who’s in it?

Miryam Lumpini, Twig Sparks, Tommy Montoya, Matt Beckerich, and Rose Hardy, five brilliant tattoo artists, will be introduced to the audience and participants.

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