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Ratatouille 2: Is the Ratatouille sequel coming in 2021? Release Date, Cast

Ratatouille 2: Is the Ratatouille sequel coming in 2021? Release date | Cast | More updates!

Ratatouille 2: Is the Ratatouille sequel coming in 2021? Release date | Cast | More updates!

Ratatouille 2: Is the Ratatouille sequel coming in 2021? Release date | Cast | More updates!

Ratatouille 2: First, you want to know what Ratatouille is and why the movie is called Ratatouille?

We can just say that Ratatouille is a French vegetable dish consisting of onions, peppers, tomatoes, aubergines that is fried and stewed in oil and sometimes served cold in the restaurant.

Remember the Rat in the movie Remy, who wants to eat good food that is so dangerous to find by the rats in the Restaurant. So he decided to have a nice dinner at fulfill his dreams from become a great cook in the city and not to eat garbage like other rats did.

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The name of the film is in the name of a French dish as you saw that Ratatouille is served at the end of the film and it also refers to the animal type rat that is the main chef of the film.

Watch the official trailer of Ratatouille

In the movie Remy, a rat is inspired by a famous chef who says anyone can cook and by experimenting, Remy (rat) becomes the chef in the French restaurant.

Release date of Ratatouille 2

If you’re looking for the sequel to Ratatouille, there’s no official release date for the film announced by the producers. According to some sources, the sequel to Ratatouille will be released on June 18, 2021.

Ratatouille 2: Is the Ratatouille sequel coming in 2021?  Release date |  Cast |  More updates!

But I don’t think it’s been officially declared by Netflix. So until the official announcement, we can’t say if the given date is true for the sequel coming in 2021.

Cast Members of Ratatouille 2

Ratatouille 2

Since there is no official release date, we cannot say that these are the members of the new Ratatouille movie or that the title of the movie is also considered the same.

If by chance, if the movie gets through Disney in the near future, then these members of the previous cast of Ratatouille will return –

  • Patton Oswalt
  • Lou Romano
  • Janeane Garofalo
  • son of Peter
  • Ian McKellen
  • Brian Dennehy
  • Martin Freeman
  • Seth Morris and many more with new faces as the movie comes out.

So far, Disney has no plans to make the sequel to Ratatouille.

What is the movie Ratatouille about?

Ratatouille 2

Ratatouille movie shows a rat named Remy whose dream was to become a great chef but despite being a rat he had to fulfill his dream and want good food available in the restaurant.

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So he moves to Paris and with the help of garbage boy Linguini, he does his job and becomes a great chef at the restaurant while putting his culinary skills to the test in the kitchen by hiding in the hat of that boy eating cooks and helps him.

You can also see that there are funny moments in the film as Remy makes tasty food for the customers. So guess what, is Remy an excellent cook or is the food made by him really good?

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In a way, it teaches us that anyone can make food delicious if Remy can do it, because his dream was to become a professional chef and he made it a reality in the movie.

We also can’t say from this post that the sequel to Ratatouille is coming in June 2021.

Just Because He Made Incredibles 2 Don’t Expect Brad Bird To Make Ratatouille Or Iron Giant Sequels

— io9 (@ io9) June 8, 2018

Why did the chef stop in Ratatouille?

Linguini believed in Remy but all cooks think he is just a rat and how to make good food to become a great cook. Under the motto of Chef Gusteau, anyone can cook inspired Remy and become a master of cooking.

Does Netflix Have Ratatouille Movie?

Sorry, Ratatouille is not available on US Netflix, but you can switch or change your region to Indian Netflix to watch Ratatouille’s complete movie.

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Where to stream Ratatouille-

  • HBO Max app
  • Amazon Prime video
  • Disney Plus
  • 123movies
  • hulu


As you all know, no official statement or release date has been announced on the part of the director or Disney, so until then we can’t say that movie will be released in 2021.

Until then, you can watch Ratatouille’s (2007) original film at the sites listed above. You can also watch many other movies like-

  • over the hedge
  • Washed away
  • Horton hears a who!
  • Meet the Robinsons Robinson
  • Your friend the rat
  • Fantastic Mr Fox

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