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Primeflix 2021: Download All webseries from primeflix App[APK] is the app and website which releases new interesting web series on their app regularly. PrimeFlix is one of India’s leading Streaming platforms owned by Primeflix Pvt Ltd. It brings to you a Plethora of Videos, Web Series, Movies, Reality Shows, Sitcoms, Short films, Travel Shows, Music Videos and much more.

Video on demand(V.O.D.) administrations are presently in incredible request and have nearly supplanted the way how individuals watch motion pictures and TV shows. Video web-based destinations have welcomed diversion on your fingertips with simple openness. Prime Flix is one of the top-notch video web-based applications accessible today.

  1. Prime Flix offers you a wide assortment of films and shows to browse in HD.
  2. With Prime Flix, you can watch incalculable substances whenever anyplace.
  3. Our membership interaction is simple and adaptable to suit your requirements.
  4. Look over among a great many titles to watch anything you desire to.
  5. You can store your top picks and view them at whatever point you need to.
  6. You can utilize Prime Flix on a few gadgets as per your comfort to get ideal measurements of amusement.
  7. Prime Flix gives a simple UI and settles all your video real-time concerns.

Download the application and watch your #1 shows and films continuously.

With adaptable estimating and each class to browse, your optimal video-on-request administration is here as Prime Flix.

Connect to know more and leave your amusement needs in safe authority.

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What is primeflix?

Established in 2019 PrimeFlix Pvt ltd. has catered to an array of genres in the field of entertainment. Headquartered in Mumbai, Prime Flix Pvt ltd. is started with the vision to expand and entertain western and southeastern countries with affordable rates. It has been envisioned with the belief that stories have the power to change lives and each property on the platform is reflective of this dynamism. PrimeFlix Pvt ltd. focuses on creating iconic characters and international-quality presentations. Primeflix Pvt ltd. is owned by Sushil Deshpande. He has been in the media space for over 3 decades spanning a gamut of functions as an Editor, Director, Producer, and Entrepreneur.

primeflix site

He is a Pioneer and Visionary in the world of Television. Coupled with his ability to have a vision for the emerging OTT scenario, to stand out from the clutter of streaming platforms, with discerning content, and knowing the pulse of the market in terms of attracting eyeballs, he is the backbone of PRIME FLIX. It has opened a profusion of opportunities for Artists all over the globe. New talent, with prolific vision and stimulating ideas, are welcomed with open arms. PrimeFlix Pvt ltd. plays a prominent role in affordable entertainment curated with a team of highly talented and creative personals. It’s not only available as a mobile app for android and iOS users but also for smart TVs for a better viewing experience. PrimeFlix Pvt ltd. is available across 5 different interfaces for its viewers. PrimeFlix Pvt ltd. is the ultimate window to entertainment and quality viewing.

Watch PrimeFlix’s Web Series List (2021) 

1. Kamya Sutra

Vivek cannot believe his luck when he gets married to the hot and sexy Kamya. Just returning back to work after a splendidly exhausting honeymoon he is in for a shock when one of his colleagues passes a few remarks which insinuates that his colleague knows his wife intimately.

kamya sutra primeflix

CAST: Karan Sharma, Mokshita Raghav

DIRECTOR: Dipakk Srivastava

GENRE: Adult, Erotica


SEASONS: One Season

RELEASED: Jun 18, 2020

PLATFORM: Primeflix


Rajiv kept doing mediocre jobs in the company, to save the job he had to supply Girls to one or two clients, in the affair Rajiv was broken up from inside, he did not understand what was he doing. When he saw that there was no choice, he started working as a Pimp kicking that little job.

One side, where the customer started seeking Rajiv other side Girls involved in this business wanted that Rajiv should bring them, customers… All the girls thought that Rajiv brought them, good clients, while the client felt Rajiv gave the good girls. In a span of some Rajiv became a big man and his business flourished, with his growth in he also became more greedy while he was a small man he never played the emotions of the girls but there came a time where Rajiv crossed all the limits. With all his inhuman behavior he never failed and one day god played his card and left Rajiv with no choice but to give up.

pimp primeflix

CAST-Alysha Roy, Ankit, Archana Chouhan, Asha Sarang, Bhupendra, Dr. Sanjeev, Gaurav Bajaj, Kiara, Kuldeep, Praveen, Ravi Khotari, Shalini Sahay, Tapasya Agnihotri, Yogesh Mathur

DIRECTOR-Saleem Ghazi

GENRE-Adult,Drama, Erotica


SEASONS-One Season

RELEASED-May 10, 2020



Kabir’s journey to find a lover and a life partner for himself continues and he meets janhvi. Is janhvi the girl he is looking for? what is real kabir ? is he psycho or not ? so sit tight and enjoy another suspense drama of the web Series PSYCHO.




Web Series Release Platform

▪OTT Primeflix.APP Watch Online




▪Lakavinder Singh

psycho primeflix

Primeflix is ​​known for its hot web series. Primeflix has launched its new web series Trailer. Whose name is Psycho.

If you are fond of watching romantic web series, then this web series will be very special for you. In this web series, you will get hot scenes and suspense with romance.

Which you will be happy to see. If we talk about acting, then Psycho has the best acting among all actors in this web series.

The web series will be released on the Office of 3rd April 2021 on the Primeflix application.

You all know that this new generation mostly likes to watch web series whether it is action thriller or romantic but people like it.

People like to watch it because it is shown on screen as a short film. It also does not waste people’s time and they enjoy a short film in a short period of time.

According to the news, now people are liking to watch these short films more than the movies, but as we know people will not stop watching Bollywood movies, because those films include their favorite celebrities.

4. The Honeymooner


The Honeymooners web series cast has Tanuj Virwani, Aahana Kumra, etc. The Primeflix Originals are back with a bold storyline

The Hindi language web series release date is 26 February 2021. It is available Primeflix website and official app to watch online. The web series belongs to the thriller genre.

the honeymooner primeflix

5. Jolly

Jolly • 1995 Released on 13th April Only on Primeflix and Introduced @eshaanshanker as Rahul in JOLLY 1995

Jolly primeflix

Prime flix apk download/ IOS

Download app straight-out from google play store or Apple app store. Below is the procedure to download APK/app from playstore.

  1. Open App store/ Play store on your mobile phone
  2. Search for Prime Flix app
  3. Then check for original app logo as below.
  4. Download and install it on your phone
  5. Take subscription and enjoy the webseries.
primeflix app

Primeflix coupon code

Primeflix provides coupon code offers many times in a year. To avail coupon you need to get updated with primeflix social handles as well as subscribe at their website.

Prime Flix offers you a wide assortment of motion pictures and short movies and you can observe any video in it through an application or site. There is no free substance accessible like other applications, in the wake of enlisting the record you need to take its membership pack, which is accessible in 3 variations, which you can buy into as per your comfort.

These applications have been dispatched as of late, because of which you won’t get too many web arrangement and you may likewise discover a few defects in it, however, it will be completely prepared soon and it will give an extreme rivalry to other streaming applications. . Primeflix will before long be refreshed with a new, in which you will see numerous recordings loaded with a thrill ride, show, awfulness, anticipation, parody, and so on that will twofold your good times.

Prime flix mod APK download

There are various sites that provide mod APK to do piracy or provide content in an illegal manner. We strictly recommend going to through the original primeflix app through subscription as below.

Download Radhe movie for free

Prime Flix Free Subscription Offer

Hi companions, as you most likely are aware, this application was dispatched in October, because of which no coupon code identified with the Prime Flix free membership is on the web yet. Possibly after some time, you will get the code in this post, which you will actually want to reclaim without any problem. In the event that you have a code accessible, you can profit from premium administrations by entering it in the crate with ‘Recover Coupon’ as demonstrated in Screenshot.

Primeflix subscription fee

Primeflix provides subscription in three ways: Monthly, Six months and anuaaly

55@Rs.55/Monthly1 Month
199@Rs.199/6 Months6 Months
299@Rs.299/Yearly1 Year

PrimeFlix original VS Duplicate website( vs

There are two websites available on internet of primeflix and you might get confused which is the legal and original website. We will clear your doubt is the original OTT platform which releases and produces actual webseries.

Whereas is the pirated website that leak web series online to watch for free. Their content is not original they only upload and allow users to watch webseries on their website. We do not entertain any piracy also not recommend you to do it.


Is primeflix related to amazon prime and netflix?

There is no relation of primeflix with amazon prime and netflix this both are different companies. And primeflix is different company.

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