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Outlander Season 6: Cast, Plot, Release date

Outlander Season 6 Updates: Ys, the news is out. Jessica Reynold the latest crew member of the series confirmed that Malva is dead in the next season. Jessica took to her Instagram about the new update of the series.

Her most recent post appears to confirm her character Malva Christie’s awful destiny in the upcoming Starz series. She captioned her post as “And we’re wrapped!!!”

The post-production for season 6 of the series is going on and it is confirmed that the filming has come to an end. Filming started in February 2021 and ended in June. The post-production will be taking some more time and the series is expected to return back in 2022.

While Jessica also added, “I’ll miss you my Malva, your wee troubled soul.”She has portrayed Jessica in just one season of the series. Many of her fans commented on her post. One added, “Can’t wait to see how you bring Malva to the screen! Such a complex character!”

Outlander Season 6 Malva’s Death

Outlander Season 6
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Another wrote, “I cannot WAIT to finally see my girl Malva on my screen.” Jessica once wrote in the official tweeter account of the show that, “She’s kind of in awe of Claire… she’s heard so much about Jamie and she expects him to be the hero of her story, then she sees the woman and she’s like, ‘Oh no, I’m more interested in her.”

All her fans were pretty excited to watch Jessica as Malva and many came with praise for her. One of her fans added,  “I can’t wait!! Malva in the book is crazy!! I am excited to see how she plays her role.”. Even Jessica could do the role well and can sway the mind of her fans.

Jessica Reynold is well-known for her role in “The curse of Audrey”. She has portrayed many other awesome characters and has created a great fans account.

She has backed many awards and nominations throughout her career which includes RIBA London Award 2017 for Redchurch Street and many more. She is a rising actress in the industry and is sure that she can do many awesome characters in the future.

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