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Man In Love Cast, Plot, Release Date on Netflix

Man In Love is Coming to Netflix in August 2021

Man In Love Updates: Netflix T-Drama “Man In Love” penned by Yu Gap-yeol and directed by Han Dong-Wook. The film is brought up from a South Korean movie released in 2014 which was also created by Han Dong-Wook. After the release, the film was the most popular in Taiwan for almost four weeks.

How it is a piece of great news that the trailer was released and will start premiering on Netflix on 20 August 2021.

The movie has an incredible cast, which includes Roy Chiu taking the role of Zhang Meng-cheng, Ann Hsu as Hao Ting, Tsai Chen-nan portraying Ah Cheng and Dawel’s father, Tan Qing-pu as Hao Ting’s Father, Chung Hsin-ling taking Cal Yu’e, Lan Wel-hsu as Zhang Da-wel who is Cheng’s brother, Peace Yang as Shu-ling who is Dawel’s wife and Lulu Huang Lu Zi portraying Yaya.

Man In Love: Roy Chiu who is taking up Cheng is has done a good job in the movie

Man In Love

The story has got a perfect outline in which Hao Ting is portrayed as very hardworking, who finds it very difficult to meet financial needs. Hao is the support system for her family, has to take care of her father, and finds it difficult to meet her financial needs.

However, the sudden twist comes to the story when Cheng, who is a local debt collector falls in deep love with Hao Ting. There is a reason why Cheng got attracted to Hao, it is because of hard work, taking good care of her father, and attitude. Cheng then helps her reduces the burden and eases her dept when she agrees to spend some time with him. This was the tailor-made repayment scheme put forward to her by Cheng.

So the movie has a perfect story in which a man falls in love with a girl who is very hardworking and should tell a typical girl. The movie has a duration of 115 minutes.

However, the movie is dubbed in mandarin, but it is expected, mostly Netflix will provide subtitles as always. For watching the movie Netflix needs a subscription it has various plans according to screen limit and device which we use.

So are excited to watch “Man In Love” ?

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