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Junoon Web Series BollyFame Cast, Release Date, Watch Online

Junoon Web Series BollyFame Cast, Release Date, Watch Online

Junoon Web Series BollyFame Cast, Release Date, Watch Online

Junoon Web Series BollyFame Cast is an addictive and humorous Hindi movie from Bollywood. It’s a high-paced Hindi movie that follows the lives of two main characters – Priyank, an escaped convict, and his partner Jena, who work for him as a nanny. They escape after arresting an Italian national on the suspicion that he’s involved in the drug trade. While they’re running away from the authorities, Priyank trades his freedom for a new identity – a human trafficker. He teams up with his old friend Maddy, who also happens to be a criminal; and along with a gang of other fugitives, they form an underground resistance against the police.

The movie starts off with Priyank’s first big score as he negotiates with his associates to sell his drugs. He is able to broker a deal with an arms dealer and gets some important information from him that helps the authorities bust a major drug lord. But his deal with the dealer turns sour when he learns that the man had hired some illegal agents to help him run the operation. Later, he gets another bad turn when one of the agents turns against him and tries to kill him.

Junoon Web Series Story

Junoon Web Series BollyFame Cast, Release Date, Watch Online

Junoon Web Series BollyFame Cast, Release Date, Watch Online

Maddy and Priyank are freed by an agency called the Night Watch, but the two soon get captured again. They are taken to another facility for interrogation, where the officers try to torture them into giving up information. They manage to escape after one of the female guards rapes Maddy. They then get separated while hiding inside a truck, and Priyank trades a bullet for their vehicle.

Maddy decides to use the money from her new insurance policy to buy a gun so she can protect herself. While she’s gone, Priyank sneaks out of the jail and meets Maddy, who is holding a gun pointed at her head. He tells her that he doesn’t want to hurt her but needs to find out who she is so he can sell drugs. Maddy doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but Priyank tells her that he can kill her if she so chooses. Maddy tells him she will only go to jail if he promises not to hurt her – and he obliges.

Junoon Web Series Details

As soon as he gets into the jailhouse, however, Maddy sees a mysterious stranger on the roof who has committed no crimes and appears to be harmless. She calls out to the man on the roof, who quickly runs off. Maddy follows him into the jailhouse, where she sees a gun in his pocket.

Outside, the jailbird suddenly gets shot in the leg. Maddy assumes that he got shot accidentally and pulls out her gun. The man on the roof points a gun at Maddy and orders her to get out of the way. Maddy threatens to shoot him if he doesn’t move, so the hoodlums take off, leaving Maddy alone with the injured man.

Suddenly, several jailbirds come rushing in, gun blazing. One of them tries to rape Maddy while the others rob her. The three of them flee into the pantry where they are stopped by a heavily-armed jailbird. Maddy backs down, allows the jailbird to remove the money from her purse, and then she and the other two escape from the jailhouse.

The Junoon Web series is based on a true story about Holly Golightly, who was arrested for suspicion of involvement in the heroin trade. She served thirty-two years in prison before finally being released. During this long time, Holly kept her eye on the other inmates in the women’s wing. She hid her gun and kept watch on what happened to the other women, including Maddy. The Junoon Web cast is made up of a group of talented actors, including Christina Applegate, Ashleigh Barlow, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Nickolas D’Amato.

Junoon Web Series Trailer


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