Impact analysis in software testing

Effect analysis is described as the study of the effect of changes in the product or application that has been deployed. This provides information about the device areas that may be affected by the change in the application’s specific section or features.

Some method of communication between developers and testers would be useful in the development process. Testers sometimes do not receive full information about changes that have been introduced. This reality, in effect, directly affects the quality of product testing. To solve this problem, Impact Analysis is required.

Knowledge of the correlation and reciprocal effect of certain changes can be of assistance to testers:

  • Do not waste time checking certain areas of the project that were not changed;
  • focus on the features where improvements are made;
  • remember other parts of the project that might be affected by the changes implemented.
  • It helps to analyze the level of regression testing needed

Without Impact Analysis, testing specialists can use test cases that do not, in truth, cover the project’s last changes. Simultaneously, he / she may not pay attention to testing those parts of the project that really need it.

It turns out that in research impact analysis helps to decide which places to spend on time and resources. It is therefore a very powerful tool allowing QA to greatly increase the efficiency of research.

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