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I Am All Girls Ending Explained

I Am All Girls is a 2021 South African crime drama revolving around two women fighting a child sex trafficking syndicate. Directed by Donovan Marsh, it’s written by Wayne Fitzjohn and Marcell Greeff. It stars Deon Lotz, Erica Weasels, and Masasa Mbageni in the lead roles.

Jozua Malherbe and Lucia Meyer-Marais serve as producers. Brendan Jury has composed the music for the film. Lucian Barnard serves as the editor while Trevor Calverly handles the cinematography. Produced by Nthibah Pictures, it was released by Netflix on May 14, 2021.

The plot revolves around a relentless detective who finds common ground with a killer systematically targeting the perpetrators running an international child-trafficking syndicate.

I Am All Girls stars Deon Lotz who plays FJ Nolte. Erica Wessels plays Jodie Snyman, and Masasa Mbageni plays Thamsanqa. Israel Makoe plays the character of the pimp. Brendon Daniels plays the character of Investigating Officer Samuel Arendse. Hlubi Mboya plays Ntombizonke Bapai, while Mothusi Magano plays Captain George Mululeki.

Matt Stern plays Salim Khan’s lawyer while Lizz Meiring plays Gert’s girlfriend. Ben Kruger plays Oupa Carel Duvenhage while Mampho Brescia plays the brother boss girl. Federico Fernandez plays the young Iranian boss while Khutjo Green plays Agnes. Kaseran Pillay plays Pharwaz Khan, and Rafiq Jajbhay plays the Iranian boss.Netflix I am all girls cast

Hlubi Mboya (left) plays Ntombizonke Bapai, and Erica Wessels (right) plays Jodie Snyman. I Am All Girls (2021).

What’s the Film About?

It is 1994, and a young Ntombizonke Bapai is abducted along with many other girls. They’re taken to the compound of National Party cabinet minister FJ Nolte. There, they’re sold into human trafficking.

The film opens up with Ntombi watching an interrogation recording of Gert de Jager. He was a child trafficker arrested in connection to 6 girls that went missing in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1994.

Those girls, and many more, as he claims, were never found. He also states that the abduction happened on the orders of a high-ranking minister. Ntombi, who was a victim of trafficking and prostitution herself, now masquerades as a killer. Meanwhile, Jodie Snyman, a police agent, works hard to follow the trail of child traffickers in Johannesburg.

Jodie tries and tracks down trafficking hideouts, but after several failed busts, her superiors transfer her to a murder case. However, she soon discovers that the murder case she’s investigating is connected to get sex trafficking crimes she’d been investigating. T

The murder involves a dead body of a retired minister, a suspected pedophile, found with initials carved into his chest. As she furthers her investigations, more carved dead bodies start popping up. Jodie realizes that the bodies bear the initials of a group of kidnapped girls from back in the 90s.

We realize that it’s Ntombizonke who’s been murdering these people. Meanwhile, corruption and red taping keep halting Jodie’s efforts at arresting the perpetrators. But even after her superiors threatening to put her on leave, Jodie doesn’t back down and continues her investigations.I am all girls Netflix review

Jodie Snyman investigated a murder case.

I Am All Girls Ending Explained

At the climactic part of the movie, Jodie falls unconscious after a horrendous car crash. Salim’s men approach their car, but Ntombi shoots them and kidnaps Salim. When she wakes, Captain George tells Jodie that she’s off the force.

This does not affect Jodie, who sneaks out at night and goes home. At her home, she watches the video recording of Gert de Jager that Ntombi left for her. That’s when Jodie realizes that Ntombi is herself one of the victims.

Jodie then heads off to the house that Gert mentioned in his interrogation. There she finds that Ntombi has killed Salim and his brother Pharwaz. She notices a plane landing on the adjacent airfield and realizes that what minister Gert was talking about is there.

Meanwhile, her partner, Arendse goes and confronts the minister, but his men kill her. Not too long after that, Ntombi also engages in a firefight and dies as well.

Afterward, Jodie becomes a straight-up cold killer, finessing human traffickers left and right. She then ambushes the minister in his house and kills him. She also carves Ntombi’s initials on his chest, continuing her tradition.

As the film ends, she boards a train to Iran to apprehend the men the minister was dealing with. In the end, it seems that Jodie has carried the baton passed down to her by Ntombi. She has become a vigilante herself, following Ntombi’s footsteps.

Jodie was never really good at doing it by the books, and now that she’s off the force, she can embrace this new cold-blooded killer of child traffickers.

Watch the trailer of I Am All Girls here;

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