Glitter (Zee5) Movie Cast and Crew Release Date, Actor and More

Glitter is a new film which is going to be released recently Huh.

Glitter Cast

Prarthana Behere

Veebha Anand

Shiva Dagar

Priya Wal

Samentha Fernandes

Hira Ashar

Sonia Balani

Glitter Movie Release Date

Talking about the release date of Glitter film, then the release date of this film is 29 October 2021. Will be set up by us and updated immediately.

How and Where to watch Glitter Movie

Glitter Where can you see this, if you feel like it, then you can easily see the school which is your answer using Zee5 app as soon as it is released you will get to see it on zee5’s Using this, you can download Glitter or if you want, you can watch it online.

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