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Dunali Web Series Ullu Cast, Release Date, Actors, Actress, Watch Online

Dunali Web Series Ullu Cast, Release Date, Actors, Actress, Watch Online

Dunali Web Series Ullu Cast, Release Date, Actors, Actress, Watch Online

Dunali Web Series is a viral web series that has been created by Australian Internet sensation Rhys Ifans. It’s the newest romantic comedy web series to be released on the popular Ullu platform. From the first episode, which you can watch here, you’ll learn the secrets to successfully starting a relationship through a webcam. This article will also tell you more about how to view Dunali Ullu online. So, let’s get started!

There are two episodes in Dunali Web Series. The first one was released on 8th July. On that day, the second installment of the series, titled “Dusk”, was uploaded. Now, the second episode is scheduled to be released on the following week, on 14th July. This is how the series has been releasing episodes since its inception. Below is a list of the main characters in Dunali Web Series:

Dunali Web Series Story

As already mentioned, the main character in Dunali web series release date is Dunali. She is an actress from Australia who plays the role of a camgirl. The two other major characters are referred to as Nivi and Priya. The third major character, Jasmina, is played by Jasmine Brooks. The rest of the cast is made up of Extras.

The story of Dunali Web Series revolves around a girl called Dunali who travels to India to pursue her acting career. Her father owns a cosmetics manufacturing company in Australia but he prefers to let her travel alone. He tries everything to stop her, including making her work as a virtual assistant in the office. When her supervisor hears of her new career, he gives her a chance to come with him to India.

Her new employer tells her about a new virtual assistant program which is more popularly known as Skype. He tells her that she can sign up for the service for free but when she submits her resume she will have to pay for the service. She gets a call from her friend, requesting her to audition for a lead role in a Hindi web series. She agrees to go ahead so as to earn some money for herself. The lead role was based on a fictional character named Sunita Behal.

Dunali Web Series Details

Title Dunali
Cast Palak Singh
Genre 18+, Erotic
Type Web Series
Director updated soon
Release Date 13 July 2021
Online Video Platform (OTT) Ullu App
Language Hindi

The story revolves around her quest to find the person who transformed her into a Sunita Behal. Using the Sunita Behal database, a private investigator named S.R. analyses the case and recommends that Dunali join the exclusive Call Matching Services. At the end of the episode, the official app downloads the profile of the actor who impersonated Sunita Behal.

The next episode is scheduled to be aired on Wednesday, November 4th. This time around, Dunali goes to New Delhi to solve a scam that is running rampant in the city. The scam targets the poor people of India. She realizes that she has to stop this before it gets out of control. As soon as she signs up for the services, she finds that there is no database to browse profiles of actors who have already appeared in the series.

Once she logs in to the official Dunali Web Series website, she realizes that she can now watch web series full episode free by simply downloading the free app provided on the website. It is amazing to note that there are no advertisements displayed on the app and you can freely browse through the database of actors. Once you have downloaded the app, you can enjoy watching the show without any interruptions and ad-free too. You may also find interesting historical facts about various historical figures of India as well as other countries through the many search options available in the app.

Dunali Web Series Trailer

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