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Cruel Summer Episode 6 Ending Explained

Cruel Summer Episode 6 closed in for falling relationships and darker revelations for sure. Previously on the show, Jeanette tries to build her relationship with Kate after the unintentional kiss with Jamie.

But it seemed like it couldn’t mend now as we saw her fail in doing so at the end. The journey continued, as the year 1993 saw Jeanette happy like ever as she celebrates the anniversary of her parents. But the same way doesn’t go for the next three years. We see the family breaking down piece by piece and, at the end all on their own. How they could cope with remains to be seen.

Apart from the breakdown, there were revelations made especially with Mr. Martin Harris’ affair. Them Jeanette breaking into Harris’ house to see something she shouldn’t have. But the same thing works as leverage for her in this case.

What went down in the sixth episode of Cruel Summer? The reason behind the fall of Greg and Cindy’s relationship? Build up between Jamie and Jeanette? What is Tanya Peterson’s deal with Mr. Harris? and What did Jeanette saw at Martin Harris’ house. All covered here.

What Went Down In Cruel Summer Episode 6?


The sixth episode of Cruel Summer depicted the events on August 15, 1993, 1994, and 1995. Let’s go chronologically and break down what happened each year. Starting off in 1993, Jeanette and Derek are preparing for breakfast as it’s their parent’s anniversary.

The breakfast does delight the parents as they celebrate it to the lifetime. Back at school, Mallory, Vince, and Jeanette discuss the Jason Goes To Hell film and sneaking in to steal it. So they plan to execute it at the mall.The 1993 Recap Of Cruel Summer Episode 6

From Cruel Summer Episode 6 Featuring Jeanette and Jamie

At the mall, while Jeanette and Mallory continue to steal clothes by taking the tags off. They observe something unusual. Tanya Peterson of the store flirting around with the Assitant of the principal Mr. Martin Harris.

They observe and grab the chance to take the clothes away. But it doesn’t work much when the alert sounds on with Vince stealing CDs. Jenette takes it upon herself by grabbing the CDs from Vince. While she is put into a room, she meets Jamie as well who is in for something too.

They talk until Greg walks in and takes her away, and requests her not to tell to mother.

Jeanette later tells Vince she didn’t get caught in trouble and it’s okay. Later Jeanette uses the keys to Mr. Harris’ house to enter and steal CDs. But is stuck in the closet as he and Tanya walk in. Jeanette observes Tanya going all out on Mr. Harris even leading to spilling the drink on her top.


The year 1994 also opens with the celebration of the anniversary of Jeanette and Derek’s parents. The thing now is they are not on good terms anymore. Plus a gift arrives from Angela to Greg signifying their relationship taking a new turn.

Cindy is concerned about the calls she receives talking about their family. In stress, she goes to Jeanette’s room to find Mr. Harris’s house key. She goes on to confront her but she only denies it. She later tells Greg about it too but only for Greg not agreeing with her as long as Jeanette denies it.The 1994 Recap Of Cruel Summer Episode 6

From Cruel Summer Episode 6 Featuring Greg and Cindy

Later when Derek is packing up, Cindy brings the topic of Jeanette to him too only for him to ignore it. In the video store, Jeanette catches Ben and Vince flirting around but is happy for them. Until Kate’s friends walk in and everyone turns towards Mrs. Peterson’s video lying about Mr. Harris being forceful on her. Jeanette’s brother Derek later picks her up when Kate’s friends confront her.


The 1995 Recap Of Cruel Summer Episode 6

From Cruel Summer Episode 6 Featuring Jeanette

The year 1995 sees the same anniversary day but with Jeanette alone comforted by Angela. Until the lawyers walk in. They learn Kate has lined up Tanya Peterson as the character witness. Later Vince comes up to meet Jeanette and helps her to get out of the house.

She goes back to the mall coming across Tanya Peterson. They talk and Jeanette blackmails her about everything she saw from the closet between her and Mr. Harris. Also note, Cindy comes to Angela’s bar to ask her about Jeanette. Plus, she still has the key of Mr. Harris, all she has to do is see if it works.

Cruel Summer Episode 6 Ending Explained

For most of the episode, we witness the downfall of Cindy and Greg’s relationship. One anniversary they were happy, then troubled, and finally apart. Basically, the belief that broke it all. 

Although a genuine reason behind their downfall is yet to be revealed, we saw Jeanette taking it upon herself. Jeanette’s father Greg really believed a lot in her and kept her on the loose a little. Like the time he rescued her at Mall.

But Cindy as a mother tried to mold her and wanted to better mother than hers by standing in as an example.

The tides between Greg and Cindy started shifting in 1994, plus coming across the key of Mr. Harris was another factor to look after for. Cindy tried her best to talk out for her daughter as well as her husband and her son.

But they all ignored her overthinking towards the issue. Probably one of the seeds that bowed into the family being disconnected the later year. But we do know for sure, Cindy could be really right if Mr. Martin Harris ‘ key fits in. How? Let’s take a look.Cruel Summer Episode 6 Ending Explained

From Cruel Summer Episode 6 Featuring Jeanette and Tanya

The second nod of the episode was the affair of Tanya with Mr. Harris, which may catch your attention. Tanya stood up as testimony for Kate against Jeanette, but she managed to have the upper hand for a thing she knew about the fake interview she gave about Mr. Harris.

She might have defamed him stating he tried to grab on her. But coming in 1993, Cindy did have keys to Mr. Martin Harris’ house, and she did enter to steal the CD. Only to see the story another way around when Tanya and Harris came home and she hid behind the closet.

Cindy saw Tanya grabbing onto Mr. Harris instead. So even if nobody believes Janette, she knows how to make it convincing as a real witness to what happened.

Thus, grabbing an upper hand over Tanya. So coming back to Cindy, it’s just a matter of time when she finds out about the key and what goes down between the daughter and mother. Plus, for time being, Jeanette is still fine as long as she has Tanya’s secret too.

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