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Black Summer Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot

It’s been a long two-year wait, but finally, the second season of Black Summer is now on Netflix globally. After an impressive second season, fans, including ourselves, will be hoping to see a third season of the Z-Nation spiritual successor. It’s early days but here’s the renewal status and what we could expect from Black Summer season 3. 

Black Summer is a Netflix Original horror series created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams and is the prequel to the incredible zany zombie series Z-Nation.

The second season of Black Summer was a great improvement upon the first. If there’s one thing that Black Summer continues to do well, it is to ensure that every encounter with zombies are frightening, and confrontations with other survivors are nerve-wrackingly tense.

Has Black Summer been renewed for a third season on Netflix?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 17/06/2021)

One month after Black Summer season 2 was released on Netflix, we’re still yet to hear about the fate of the series.

What will determine whether or not Black Summer returns for a third season is viewership. In particular, new viewers and how many viewers have been retained from the first season will have a great impact.

No viewership has been released thus far but we can track a number of other metrics to see how the show is performing and this is where we could have some potentially bad news.

According to FlixPatrol, the show petered out of the top 10 charts around the world relatively quickly. The importance of this is that most of the canceled shows of 2021 have all failed to stay in the top 10s for 30 days.

In the United States, the show featured in the top 10s for 12 days whereas in the UK it stayed in the top 10s for 14 summer season 2 top 10 data

Top 10 data for Black Summer season 2 – Picture: Flixpatrol

So while nothing is set in stone just yet, we’re currently 50/50 on whether the show will return.

What can we expect from Black Summer season 3?

The final moments of Black Summer season 2 left us with plenty of questions for season 3.

Wait, was that Lance!?

The last we saw of Lance was at the end of season 1 when he was running away from a small horde of zombies, and his fate was left unknown. Arguably no one was expecting to see him return in the second season, but we finally learned the sad, and albeit tragic fate of the character.

After stopping his car to allow a pregnant woman inside, she tricked him and unlocked the driver’s side of the door. This allowed the man that Lance failed to stop for, to get inside and shoot him in the neck. With his blood all over the dashboard, the pair attempting to steal the car crashed, which then lead to a dramatic chase between the now zombified Lance and his murderer.

It’s a shame we didn’t get to see more of Lance,  but to have the character retur we finally learn of his fate is more than summer season 3 netflix renewal status and release date lance

Why finally got to see Lance, but his fate ended in disaster – Copyright. The Asylum

Where is the plane taking Sun?

Of all of the survivors that made it to the airstrip, the only person to make it onto the plane was Sun. After conversing with the pilot, it’s still unclear where the pilot is traveling to. We know that the pilot has to stop to refuel, and with the amount of attention that the plane brings, there’s no guarantee Sun and the pilot will get the chance to take off summer season 3 netflix renewal status and release date sun

Sun was the only survivor to make it to the plane in time – Copyright. The Asylum

Will Rose survive?

In their dramatic confrontation, Rose used the flare gun to destroy fuel barrels behind Ray, but the resulting explosion injured the pair. Rose’s injured leg left her unable to board the plane and was prepared to die and be left behind in order to see Anna board the plane, but her daughter opted against boarding and made it back to her.

We were left wondering what the fate of Rose is going to be as Anna was able to find a car, but when she made it back to Rose it looked like she was questioning what her next move is.

Anna has shown that the zombie apocalypse has taken a dramatic toll on her mental health. While it’s highly unlikely she would leave Rose to die, the fact Anna witnessed her leave Spears to die clearly resonates with her months summer season 3 netflix renewal status and release date rose

Rose is injured and unable to move – Copyright. The Asylum

Will Mance join Rose and Anna?

Mance took on the small horde of zombies practically single-handedly and came out unscathed. With an injured Rose to look after Anna could do with all the help she can get.

Will Ray join Rose and Anna?

Just like Rose, Ray is injured from the explosion and is arguably in a worse state than Rose after receiving a beatdown from some of the other survivors.

If Ray lives and can change his attitude then he would be an incredible asset to the group. But if there is too much bad blood between himself and Rose then that could set up the pair for even further conflict in the near summer season 3 netflix renewal status and release date ray rose

Even injured Rose and Ray continued their dramatic confrontation – Copyright. The Asylum

The Ski-Lodge

With the plane no longer a viable option, the most logical place for the survivors to go to is the ski lodge. The lodge has enough comfortable beds for everyone, food that can last for over a year, fuel, and plenty of water.

The main issue facing anyone staying at the lodge is it is incredibly hard to defend. Due to the number of entrances and windows, it’s not hard for anyone, including zombies, to get inside.

The lodge is secluded enough that survivors and zombies will be few and far between. But, it’s still a giant summer season 3 netflix renewal status and release date boone

Boone and Spears eating a lavish meal at the ski-lodge – Copyright. The Asylum

When can we expect a third season of Black Summer on Netflix?

It took two years between the release of the first and second seasons of Black Summer.

If the third season follows suit then subscribers could be waiting until 2023 for the next season. At the latest, we may not Black Summer return until August 2023. This, of course, all depends on the renewal status of the series.

Would you like to see a third season of Black Summer on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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