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Archer Season 12 Release Date, Cast, Plot

With a phrasing boom, Sterling Archer is heading back to the lives of his fans after a long wait. Archer has changed the way people look at sitcoms since 2009. The animated series features different types of people who work in a spy organization. Moreover, Archer and his gang of problem solvers have run drug operations, detective agency successfully.

In late 2020, FX Productions did confirm that the forthcoming season will explore new aspects of Archer’s life. In second 11, Archer has confronted people who use him as a scapegoat for their agendas. It would be interesting to see where the characters would go from this point forward.

Archer Season 12: Release Date, Cast, Plot and other details

Archer Season 12: Release Date

The eleventh season concluded sometime in October 2020. The fans of the animated sitcom had to wait almost a year to see the secret against ISIS for their next adventures. Moreover, Sterling is going to make himself prouder as Archer returns on the 25th of August 2021.

While unveiling the plans for Archer Season 12, FX also builds up anticipation for its other TV Series. Jessica Walter, the acting legend who provided Sterling’s mother’s voice in the series, passed away sometime in March 2021. This has put a dent in the show as to who will replace Mallory.

Archer Season 12: Release Date, Cast, Plot and other details

Archer Season 12: Things that redefines Archer!

Archer, played by H. Jon Benjamin, doesn’t have only one flaw. Instead, he is the master of flaws. Codenamed as Duchess, Archer’s most appreciatable drawback is that he only chooses one flavour at the ice cream parlour.

There are several flavours to choose from, but he’s fixated on one. In addition to this, Archer has a narcissistic attitude and for which the wellbeing of his loved ones and co-workers are always in jeopardy.

Archer Season 12: Release Date, Cast, Plot and other details

In the eleventh season, Archer cheated on his girlfriend, devoured the relationships of others, and made the life of Brett a living hell. In the twelfth season, Archer will make amends for the terrible deeds in the past.

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